Stuff white people like – Bansky!

This is an absolutely hilarious article about Bansky and the complicated relationship “indie white people” have with street art. I was lucky enough to go to a talk with Christian Lander (and have a photo with) the creator of Stuff White People blog and now book. He talked about going to ivy league universities and experiencing a certain type of white person obsessed with coffee, indie music no one has ever heard of. This of course hit a chord with me with my personal favourites being Architecture, Liking Bob Marley and Taking a year off.

Also hope are checking out my current project and the behind the scenes photo:


2042: art on the street

I am so happy to let you guys know that a project I am working on is starting to ramp up. 2042: art on the street is a community artwork in Newtown where for one weekend (24-25 October) you will see the heart of Newtown turned into a giant 3-dimensional colouring book just waiting to be coloured by you and filled with your stories. Please visit the 2042 website for more information and I hope you will all join me on this adventure for the next couple of weeks. (I will also be cross-posting so you will be kept up to date on both blogs).

Sarah Scout Presents Andrea Tu

Check out images from Andrea Tu’s current exhibition at one of Melbourne’s newest galleries Sarah Scout Presents. Andrea Tu is graduate of Monash University and a recipient of both the Australia Council for the Visual Arts, Barcelona Studio Residency and Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Studio Artist Residency. These beautiful folded sculptures play with the patterned 2D works also included in the exhibition and demonstrate an exciting technical skill that really caught my eye. Sarah Scout Presents is also a gallery to watch in the coming months.

Andrea Tu, Black Flux 2009, installation view at Sarah Scout, Melbourne care of artist and Sarah Scout Presents.

Olafur Eliasson’s ‘Take Your Time’ to come to Sydney

Olafur Eliasson, One-way colour tunnel, 2007 (digital rendering of interior view); site-specific sculpture to be made at SFMOMA on the occasion of Take your time: Olafur Eliasson; stainless steel, color-effect acrylic, and acrylic mirrors; 100 3/4 x 70 7/8 x 413 3/8 in.; Courtesy the artist; Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York; and neugerriemschneider, Berlin; © 2007 Olafur Eliasson

This amazing retrospective of Olafur Eliasson’s work ‘Take Your Time’ is coming to Sydney in December. A massive coop for the MCA the exhibition has been shown at the MOMA, NY and MOMA, San Francisco and an unlike the many times I have seen his work as one stand alone installation some of his most inspiring works will now be shown alongside each other. Below is a video that they showed at the media preview last night.

Only in his 40’s Eliasson has created some my favourite public works including the waterfalls he installed in NY last year through the New York Public Art Fund. This is possibly the MCA’s biggest and most expensive exhibition to date and I am personally so excited that an installation of this quality is coming to Sydney. The exhibition is set to include some of his maquettes and models which should be an amazing insight in the way his team of 30-35 staff members work.

Take Your Time, MCA Sydney

10 December 2009 – 11 April 2010

James Angus wins WA’s most expensive public art commission

Images (pdfs of proposal submission to situate prize 2009 by James Angus)

situate an international sculpture prize in Perth, Western Australia announced yesterday that James Angus’ proposal has won a $1 million public art commission. To be located in Perth’s CBD – it is the largest ever public art project in WA and will be produced by some of Australia’s great public art and engineering talents. Although the principal artist and designer is James Angus, Douglas Knox (Principal Engineer), Peter Mclean (Lighting Engineer), Sebastian Adams, (Industrial Designer), Tony Oxley (from Oxley9 Gallery and Angus’ representing gallery and project coordinator) and Jaime Marina, (Fabrication) will help the project to come to fruition and hopefully produce an artwork that the public really enjoy. Both a state and local council venture it is a glimmer of hope that often expendable public art funding is still available and open to new techniques and ideas. Check out the finalists online as the project has attracted some great proposals and concepts well beyond the typical promenade style city art.

Frieze Magazine "Whatever happened to art theory?"

Frieze Magazine has dedicated its latest edition to the state of art theory. Although this might seem ironic coming from the magazine that has brought us a highly commercial and personality driven art fair, which champions seemingly superficial artists such as Damien Hirst. It is probably a good place to start when looking at the current ways in which artists and writers approach art theory. Sam Thorne the associate editor of Frieze has the lead article entitled “Back & Forward” which looks at the controversies and discussions around art theory that many modern art student are not exposed to. Artists who work within particular parameters are unlikely to be challenged on their view of art theory or history and as Thorne suggests “we should pay attention to its past – not only how it has been marketed and circulated internationally, but how it has been misunderstood.” Essentially when artists do not have to question these artistic concepts on a base level they do not have to have the hard conversation and that is clearly where the best art theories have sprouted.

Behind the Art of Fashion

“It’s a famine of beauty, honey,” said Andre Leon Tally (editor-in-chief of Vogue) in The September Issue, a new documentary on Vogue and their biggest edition in history. However it is certainly not the case in Australia with our online fashion culture gaining momentum and producing some beautiful behind the scenes footage along the way. These videos (a few examples below) becomes art pieces and marketing opportunites all wrapped into one, but most importantly bring a little depth to online fashion.

There is a major clothes swapping event, Rethreads planned at Carriageworks at the end of September, through the Clothing Exchange with 2SER and FBI radio.

And the launch of Fashion magazine Tangent and its blog which has behind the scenes videos and photos.