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In the Balance: art for a new world

MCA is set for a fantastic summer of exhibitions. For someone that sees a lot of art, it was an uplifting experience. Particularly the environmental exhibition In the Balance.  This exhibition does not preach, nor does it appear to state somehow that art is the solution to all the worlds problem. But it does let artists do what they do best – create conceptually beautiful, touching and exciting works that challenge and interest the viewer. You can’t ask for much more than that. Highlights include works that interact with the public such as Makeshift (picture by me of Karl – one half of makeshift), and blogs by artists through the exhibition Environmental Audit by Lucas Ihlein, Food Forest by the Artist as Family Weedbook and weedy connection by Diego Bonetto and Urban Wildlife Safari by Joni Taylor.


Lionel Bawden Wynne Prize 2009

2009 Wynne Prize winner
Lionel Bawden
The amorphous ones (the vast colony of our being)
This beautiful sculpture stood out among the usual landscapes and was certainly presented in a prime location. The work was also a nice break from the strong personalities of the Archibald and some of the overwhelming painting techniques. The work was well crafted and a joy to look at. The natural shapes explored  our emotional connect to landscape and was a great representation of a contemporary take on this genre. Lionel’s speech was very sweet and humble, congratulations to him and his representing gallery GRANTPIRRIE. 

White House Redux

With the inauguration of President Elect Obama just around the corner the Store Front Gallery’s Project White House Redux which asked architects to re-design the White House and a subsequent book has found a second wind. The project was undertaken in early 2008 long before Obama was confirmed as the Democratic nominee, however is now receiving a new wave of publicity The New York Times reports and the winners have cleary taken a very different look at the White house;

The winning entry, “Revenge of the Lawn,” submitted by J. P. Maruszczak and Roger Connah with assistance from Ryan Manning, skirted the White House structure and instead tackled the subliminal associations of its green spaces. “We found a kind of resonance in the lawn between the public and private,” Mr. Maruszczak said, “and we were trying to get around the problem of the White House as such a potent symbol that no one could ever erase that.”

Also check out a video of the judging panel’s decision making process in New York and the way in which the architectural projects were discussed in relations to American politics. Many of the other projects also tackle to concept of a more involved voter and citizen which surely aligns with the new President’s ideals. Many of the works were more of a prediction than just a response to the brief and can be seen at

Architecture exhibitions at MOMA NY

Dreamland: Architectural Experiments since the 1970s
July 23, 2008–March 2, 2009

This exhibition on the Architecture and Design Level of MOMA, NY captures the inventiveness that the New York architectural landscape inspires and the invention of a modern city. This collection of imagined and real buildings captures the Utopian concepts that emerge out of such a large and busy city. 


Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling
July 20–October 20, 2008

The fabrication of buildings has been the modern dilemma for architects and this beautifully curated exhibition demonstrates the variety as well the bizarre concepts in the creation of quickly built homes. The collection of models and a large life size pre-fab post-war building captures the lack of character in these buildings. Images of Japanese and other nationalities buildings are very interesting in comparison. 


Welcome to constructing art! I hope you enjoy my posts about Art, Design & Architecture in Sydney & Australia. Please feel free to email me through the about me section regarding any upcoming events that relate to my blog, inc. exhibition openings and talks. I look forward to all your comments & hope you enjoy my international posts from next week.