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Career milestones big and small.

Finally reached over 100 posts! Thanks for all the support and reading what I hope was interesting content over the last couple of years. As you may of noticed constructing art has been increasing its social interaction of late, so please make sure you are following me on twitter.

Speaking of career milestones of obviously slightly larger proportions Edmund Capon AM, OBE has released a book, “I Blame Duchamp” (Penguin Books, 2009) an autobiography which focuses on the collections he has been involved in and his relationship to art ‘My musings on art could be described as a benign diatribe; one inspired by a genuine if watchful passion‘. I am certainly hoping for some behind the scenes gossip – someone who has been in the role of Director and Chief Curator at the Art Gallery of NSW for so many year must have, this book will do little discourage rumours that Mr Capon may soon be moving on.