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Creative Sydney get inspired

Very excited for Creative Sydney this year. Not only an amazing line up of events and talks but a gorgeous new website. Creative Sydney is cementing itself in the Sydney calender and in my heart. Although it is easy to be cynical about events rather than projects being funded it is these kind of events that can be great starting points for the arts community and excellent networking opportunities which is something Sydney definitely needs to be a lot better at. I will hitting up a lot of the events and tweeting from the talks, so make sure to follow me in the next couple of weeks. @constructingart

Less competition and more collaboration I say!


TimeBomb artist to present at Dorkbot

Time Bomb – Interactive Graffiti (StupidKrap & Holler) from Mike Hill on Vimeo.

Many of you may have seen the interactive graffiti work Time Bomb which was presented at the Opening night of Creative Sydney ’09, 2 weeks ago. One half on the TimeBomb team Lukasz Karluk will be discussing his work at a Dorkbot event in Sydney. Dorkbot Sydney is the local chapter of an international group which has artists and creative people in fields such as electronics, science and technology present on projects they are doing. Thus giving artists and people interested in working with electronics in a strange way a chance to collaborate.

The event where Lukasz Karluk will be presenting is on the 23rd of June at Serial Space in Chippendale. See for more info.

Creative Sydney Starts Tomorrow

Creative Sydney starts tomorrow with events over the next 2 weeks, this event has really snuck up on me but should be a great fortnight of exciting and engaging events. I am endeavouring to go to as many as possible and will review any events I attend – to be posted during the next couple of weeks.Check out their website (click image above) for all their details or see their page on facebook.