(Untitled) movie

A new film has been released based on the contemporary New York art gallery world and the comedy that arises from it. (Untitled) stars Adam Goldberg as a young composer and Vinnie Jones as a veiled spoof on Damien Hirst and it takes a look at what is perceived be the absurdity of the art world. Although seemingly a little out of step with the massive burst of the art market bubble this time last year it is hard to tell yet whether this is the usual attack on the “crazy art world” or a genuine dig at the snobbishness of the New York art scene. Even Damien Hirst is no stranger to taking the piss with many critics suggest he is in on some grand joke “And now Hirst is basically saying it was all nonsense. He didn’t mean it. He wanted to be a great painter all along. But, as any visitor to his show at the Wallace Collection can see, he’s not.” (Jonathan Jones, Monday 26 October 2009 The Guardian). The film is yet to be released so we are not sure what he thinks of it just yet.


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